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Welcome to the portal!

We provide information about female internet romance scams from Asia.
Please use the index on your left to access the BBS,,(Message board)  select content, or other related sites and services.
We can help victims of scams, (If they ask) and help you avoid scams! has been online since February, 2008.

We do not accept payment for help, or payment to remove information about scams, or scammers.  
You will need to register at the BBS to post messages.    Your first post is moderated, and will not be visible until it is checked by staff.
Please be patient!

Our site is not intended to denigrate Asian ladies.   We only seek to identify dishonest people.
Asian ladies who may be online need to be wary of dishonest, men, also.

Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet, or phone calls.
The people who will  ask you for money, online, are only online to make money.
No real person in an emergency turns to  strangers on the internet to ask for financial help.
If you don't send money, nobody starves, gets evicted, or arrested.   Trust me.  Don't send it.
You'll see they are still online tomorrow, and the next day, with more 'emergencies'.

Always expect to see a face on cam.  Do not accept pictures as proof you are in contact with somebody.
Some stolen pictures have been in use in scams, and reported as such, online, for years.
The information is online, NOW.    We can teach you how to find it.

This portal is still under testing and configuration.

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Scam from Craigslist

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Posting scam information online is important for several reasons.   It may warn other potential victims, and it annoys the scammers!    Only YOU can stop these scams by not sending money!