Mary Jane Penola

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Mary Jane Penola

Postby liz28 » Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:17 pm

Well this one was chatting almost naked....contacted my profile in DIA

mj peopla.JPG

jane1984_23 (3:06:46 PM): what is your nationality?
SUPPORTIVE BF (3:07:00 PM): :) im american
SUPPORTIVE BF (3:07:42 PM): how old are you?
jane1984_23 (3:07:45 PM): How old are you?
jane1984_23 (3:07:52 PM): I am 26
SUPPORTIVE BF (3:07:56 PM): i am actually 50 is it fine with you
jane1984_23 (3:08:23 PM): yes its fine with me

Long chat and occasional talk bout sex.....
mj peola 2.JPG

jane1984_23 (4:11:21 PM): hon i wanna see your body too pls
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:11:50 PM): nah u dont want to see my wrinkly body
jane1984_23 (4:12:33 PM): or else i gonna pin you down in bed
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:12:38 PM): wow
jane1984_23 (4:13:27 PM): i will rape you/jane1984_23 (4:13:34 PM): and romance you
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:13:44 PM): ohhhhhhhhhhhh
jane1984_23 (4:14:16 PM): wonderful romance

Thought she was just being naughty, wasnt hinting about anything until we became ''official'' bf/gf......highlighted in red are the list of things thats she asks
jane1984_23 (4:25:54 PM): so now you want me?/jane1984_23 (4:26:09 PM): i am your gf now?and im your bf now?
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:26:21 PM): is it ok with u?
jane1984_23 (4:26:54 PM): But one thing is we should be honest with each other/jane1984_23 (4:27:30 PM): i am honest and a nice woman
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:27:32 PM): im a one woman man
jane1984_23 (4:27:42 PM): You'll be lucky to have me/jane1984_23 (4:27:50 PM): i am one man woman/jane1984_23 (4:28:35 PM): So you help me and support me?if ok for you?
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:29:11 PM): hmmm what do u mean?/SUPPORTIVE BF (4:29:28 PM): what kind of help do u need right now honey
jane1984_23 (4:29:32 PM): You know what i mean honey/jane1984_23 (4:29:57 PM): i mean for example my schooling
jane1984_23 (4:30:04 PM): and my daily needs/jane1984_23 (4:30:33 PM): like for example my internet/jane1984_23 (4:30:49 PM): i only use my friends computer honey
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:31:00 PM): oh, u dont have pc at home?
jane1984_23 (4:31:19 PM): i have pc hon but i have no internet/jane1984_23 (4:31:35 PM): i am only using my friend's computer
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:31:46 PM): oh i see/SUPPORTIVE BF (4:31:52 PM): but how are we going to do that honey/SUPPORTIVE BF (4:31:58 PM): i am here?
jane1984_23 (4:32:19 PM): Its up to you hon,if you want to help me
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:32:45 PM): well im asking u how it is possible when im in new jersey
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:32:51 PM): and youre there in the philippines
jane1984_23 (4:33:07 PM): I wish i have internet at home hon
jane1984_23 (4:34:04 PM): Yes i wish hon,but how can i have internet at home,i am still studying and no work yet.
jane1984_23 (4:35:33 PM): You can send me money,if you like to help me/jane1984_23 (4:35:47 PM): so that we will chat everyday
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:36:14 PM): how will i send you/SUPPORTIVE BF (4:36:16 PM): im so far
jane1984_23 (4:36:39 PM): You can send it by western union hon,or moneygram
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:37:02 PM): ive never done that before /SUPPORTIVE BF (4:37:08 PM): so im not familiar
jane1984_23 (4:37:13 PM): If that you are interested hon
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:37:43 PM): but i dont know how much things cost there?
jane1984_23 (4:37:48 PM): I would like to chat and see you everyday,before you go to work
jane1984_23 (4:38:05 PM): Its up to you hon how much you want to send me
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:38:21 PM): how much is the internet there?
jane1984_23 (4:38:40 PM): You want me to install internet at home hon?
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:38:49 PM): well isnt that what ur asking for?
jane1984_23 (4:39:11 PM): It costs 3,000 pesos for installition at home
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:39:31 PM): how much is that in $?
jane1984_23 (4:39:49 PM): hmmmm 75$
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:40:17 PM): so u need me to send u 75 monthly?
jane1984_23 (4:40:24 PM): So that we have privacy when we chat hon,thats why i want to have my own internet at home
jane1984_23 (4:40:37 PM): Yes if you like hon/jane1984_23 (4:43:20 PM): Tacloban City Philippines
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:43:56 PM): theres no street address?
jane1984_23 (4:44:07 PM): Just Tacloban city hon/jane1984_23 (4:44:19 PM): Hon you can send it today if you like
jane1984_23 (4:46:08 PM): hon no need the house number/jane1984_23 (4:46:31 PM): Just write down the Tacloban City Philippines
SUPPORTIVE BF (4:46:44 PM): no town no zip code?
jane1984_23 (4:47:11 PM): Hon i promise,i will be honest with you and i will be good t you
jane1984_23 (4:47:32 PM): zip code is 6500
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Re: Mary Jane Penola

Postby michaelaus » Sat Dec 11, 2010 11:09 pm

Good job Liz, i like what you are doing and the way you do it...plse don't stop

jane1984_23 (4:47:11 PM): Hon i promise,i will be honest with you and i will be good t you
how can people can be so down to do stupid things like they really thing they will find a good probably they will find one as stupid than her....and i am sure she has no problem to find......because i know it is a lots of man also they just want that...just to bad we don t post them here with picture when they show themself or asking just to see the woman body...

my wife told me that before like 3 years ago when she was on dating site a lots of man the first thing they ask it is to see the body....just to bad we don t have pictures of them so we can post the stupid also...

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Re: Mary Jane Penola

Postby ZIPPO » Sat Dec 11, 2010 11:55 pm

hello young woman....

if you dream for a good and better life... try to be good on your chat meet and time will come you have a good life of living...
be honest and serious don't ask anything...and foreigner's trust you and when he look at you honest and serious maybe he marry you and everything is find in your life... be bless...
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