Who knows this girl?

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Who knows this girl?

Postby Muppeke » Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:36 am

My son is now dating a filipine woman named Janice Sxxxxxx Mxxxxxx. She lives in a town called iloilo- Miagao on the island of Panay. She is 33 years old, has 1 older sister and three younger brothers. Her parents are about 75 years old. She is now in Holland, visiting my son. My gut feeling tells me it's not real. He already has been scammed by a Nigerian scammer. This ended when he was evicted from his house. He lived on the streets for several years and is now paying of his debts. Trying to get a normal live back. He is so desperately trying to find a girlfriend, I'm scared that it is a other scam. Can you try to find out more about Janice? Thank you!!

(full name edited out by Admin)
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Re: Who knows this girl?

Postby Cal A Baugh » Sat Mar 24, 2012 7:32 am

The name is not going to help much. I see a pinay with that name passed certain nursing exams. Is she a nurse?

If you have an email address she uses, that helps more.

Have you met this lady?

Did your son go to the Philippines to meet her? Has he ever been to the Philippines?

What sort of visa did she come to Holland on? She's there as a tourist?

I'm going to copy your post, but then edit out the name of the lady in the public thread. As of right now, there's no proof she is scamming, but we can try to do some checking if we have some details.

If she's actually in Holland on a legit visa, the most likely problem areas are she is looking for EU residency, via your son, and/or money, which apparently he doesn't have much of.

Sadly, some ladies from poorer asian countries will do anything to get to a more affluent country, and either exploit somebody or the system there, or work at income levels they can only dream of at home, and send the money back to the family.

I don't know much about the various EU visa processes for a bride/wife. Encourage him not to marry in a hurry, she may push him to marry quickly. He'll also need to check out the various visa and marriage technicalities independently.

He needs to be in firm control of money. This means if she wants money for shopping sprees, or to send home to her family.
He'll also need to discuss how much money she expects to send home to the family if they marry.

I'm curious that she is actually in Holland, and how. Did he help in some way with her visa? Can you confirm she actually showed up?

(Many scams involve sending money to a fake lady to come meet you...and of course she never arrives)

The little ray of hope is, even if she is pushing and scheming to get to a better country, that doesn't 100% mean she is up to no good. She may end up being a good wife.

If you have a picture of her, and her email address, send them to me via a PM, and I can see if I can find anything.
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Re: Who knows this girl?

Postby ayirhs » Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:07 am

I was also got cheated by a Filippino girl... Be careful...
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Re: Who knows this girl?

Postby cccssscccsss » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:04 am

BTW, not all Filipinas are scammers.

Innocent until proven guilty also applies to long distance relationships.
Obviously, if things are too good to be true, or there are indications (aka red flags) that this relationship is not what it seems, due diligence is warranted.
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Re: Who knows this girl?

Postby reader » Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:35 pm

I wonder what happen in this story ???
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