xingtianiao Rosematch translation scam

These are an ever expanding array of 'Dating' sites, that are fraudulent, and feature faje Chinese ladies.
These are TRANSLATION SCAMS. You pay money to communicate with a 'fake' lady! The Gagamatch and Interlingvo network of dating sites, and are examples of this type of site. These sites are a total scam. Keep out!

xingtianiao Rosematch translation scam

Postby Cal A Baugh » Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:34 pm

This message arrived at a dating site profile inbox. This is a scam. The lady is fake. is a fake site, designed to make money charging you for translating messages from fake ladies.

My name is xingtianiao. I am a human body model. I often nude photography. Chinese men are not accept my work, so I have not been able to find a lover. Heard that foreign men look at the open, very open, the on? I am a passionate woman, I have a lot of sexual fantasy, I also full of desire. I want to know you, understand you. Would you like to give me this opportunity? I don't understand the English a little, this letter is my friend help me write. If you are interested in me, come here, there are manual online translation is very good, can help us understand each other very well. All right? I wait for you.When you registered you can contact with me. I can give you more my sexy photos, maybe we can share each other's sexual fantasies.

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